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We’ve been at the forefront of web3 since 2017, and at the vanguard of the Metaverse since 2002. We foresee that the 3D web and decentralized tech will be foundational for digital infrastructure.

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The Definitive Guide for Blockchain, Web3, and AI

Jorden and Radhika co-authored the best-selling book Enterprise Blockchain Has Arrived in 2019. We predicted the rise of Web 3 and AI -- the whole book focuses on the transition to this new world. The first paragraph of the Preface reads:

"The world is entering a new era, Web 3.0. An era driven by blockchain technology. One that will supersede Web 2.0, the online world we have known with all its capabilities and limitations. A more powerful paradigm is here, based on peer-to-peer interaction, shared data, and decentralization."

The last paragraph of the Preface reads:

"Get ready, Web 3.0 will create trillions of dollars of value over the next decade and you will not want to sit on the sidelines. We are all in for an exciting journey!"

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#1 Amazon Best-Seller

Critical Acclaim

"Jorden and Radhika have written a must-read book for entrepreneurs and executives interested in enterprise blockchain and the future of the web. Read this book - learn from two of the best in the blockchain business."

Charles Eesley, W.M. Keck Foundation Faculty Scholar, Stanford University

25 Use Cases

Interviews with 20 industry leaders

“It is the interviews that make the book a must for practitioners. Reading these interviews is like having a blue-ribbon advisory board to offer perspective on whatever project you are considering.”

W. Scott Stornetta, a Father of Blockchain, VC Partner, Yugen Partners

We've spoken at 100+ conferences in web3/blockchain, AI, and metaverse.

Here's a collection of our recent recordings:

VRARA Immerse Global Summit 2022 (Miami)

Creating Impact Using Web3/Open Metaverse to Reimagine the Future of Business, Humanity & Social Structures

TiiQu Talk – Metaverse

The Metaverse -- Today, Tomorrow, or Never? Addresses the past, present, and future of 3D virtual worlds


Deeptech & Crypto – JPMHC Week 2022,
An overview of all the key concepts and capabilities of web3

Webit Global Impact Forum 2022

Web3: Technology’s Next Frontier

TiEcon 2021 Blockchain & AI Summit

Digital Ownership Revolution and the Metaverse


Blockchain + AI + IoT in the Energy Sector

TiEcon 2019

VC Trends: Spring in Enterprise, Enterprise Blockchain Track

TiEcon 2019

How Blockchain-Based Data Integrity Can Mitigate Operational Risks And Costs

Web3 Women

Episode 11 – Special Guest: Radhika

Key Conference Speaking Engagements

• Startup Starter: Gaming, AI, Web3
• MetaShapers AI & Web3 Summit
• TransAtlantic AI Exchange: Worldwide AI & Web3 Summit
• AATF (India) Tech Summit 2023: Web3 & Metaverse
• VRARA Immerse Global Summit 2022
• NFT.NYC 2022
• Digital Fashion Week NYC 2022
• WebIT Global Impact Forum 2022/2021
• TiEcon 2021, 2020, 2019
• HLTH Conference 2019
• Blockchain Expo 2018, 2019
• GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas 2018
• F50 Global Capital Summit 2018
• Blockchain Economic Forum 2018
• GSMA MWC Barcelona 2017

Notable University & Corporate
Speaking Engagements

• Stanford (2017)
• Google (2017, 2018)
• Harvard (2019)
• Intel (2021)
• MIT (2020)
• LinkedIn (2019)
• UC Berkeley (2016-2019)
• UCLA (2018)
• Draper Univ. (2020-2022)
• Bryn Mawr College (2017)
• Santa Clara University (2017, 2021)
• Paypal (2017)
• FireEye (2016)