the Web3 & AI
Digital Economy

Maximizing business value globally with web3, GenAI, metaverse, and deep tech

Our venture studio is focused on solutions that solve real business and global challenges.

We're creating and investing in the transformative power of web3, GenAI/AI/ML and decentralized technologies to reimagine the future of business, humanity, and social structures.

Web3 & AI/ML

Web3 and GenAI/AI/ML are multitrillion dollar opportunities that we utilize to solve significant global challenges by democratizing monetization, leveraging coopetition & leveling the playing field.

Open Metaverse

We embrace the power of the inclusive 3D web, a $5 trillion opportunity by 2030 (McKinsey), to transcend the status quo and boost monetization opportunities sustainably and efficiently.

Deep Tech

We maximize business opportunities and results across major industries by converging advanced tech like web3, GenAI, Open Metaverse, ML, IoT, XR, and advanced connectivity.

The creative energy of a startup combined with 40+ years of experience

We’re global venture operators and serial entrepreneurs who leverage our entrepreneurial DNA and founder mindset to become powerful extensions of your team. Our deep experience, global networks, and unrivaled web3 expertise enable us to supercharge your success.


Funds raised

Across multiple stages: Angel, pre-seed, Seed, Series A & B. Guiding talented global founders from diverse backgrounds utilizing the latest technologies with operations and customers worldwide


Sectors served

Metaverse, martech, fintech & DeFi, supply chain & logistics, sustainability & smart cities, video games & virtual worlds, healthcare, wellness & medtech, media & communications, fashion & beauty, agtech, edtech